Desert Willow  

Scientific name: Chilopsis   linearis
Description: Called a willow only because of the  leaf  resemblance. It is actually related to the catalpa.  Can grow into a  bush or a small tree (possibly with  multiple trunks). Leaves are 6  to 12 inches long and  narrow; deciduous. The airy foliage casts a  light but  cooling shade. Desert Willow has become one of the most   popular native plants for landscaping. Designated the  official tree  of Albuquerque in 1964, Desert Willow is  native to dry washes and  arroyos below 6,500 feet. While it  is very drought tolerant & loves  full sun, it grows more  rapidly when given extra water while young.  Its northern  limit is just north of Albuquerque near Algodones Mexico. 

 Capsule/bean   4 to 12 inches long.

Flowers:  Its beautiful, bell-shaped  flowers,  range in color from white to pink or lavender. It  blooms from May  until frost.

Bark: Dark brown, ridged and scaly.

Height: 10 to 25 feet

Diameter: 6 inches

Elevation: Up to 6500′

Hardiness Zones: 7 to 9

Soils: Tolerant of drought and alkaline soils.

Habitat: Moist soils of stream banks & drainages in  plains  & foothills, desert & desert grasslands, often  forming thickets.  Found in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, S.  California, SW  Utah and anywhere south of Zone 5.




Wildlife: Hummingbirds love its flowers

Use: Important in erosion control. Stiff durable  wood  suitable for fence-posts.

General Care: Desert Willow does not do well with  winter  watering. After it is dormant, cease watering until  the beginning of  March. It may need frequent watering  during the heat of its first  summer.

Once the roots are established, it needs no additional water.
These beautiful flowering trees are grow on our ranch in South Western Arizona. All our seeds are hand picked and quality checked.




Desert Willow 'Bubba'

Scientific Name: Chilopsis   linearis 'Bubba'

Desert Willow 'Bubba' FlowerThe Desert   Willow 'Bubba' has   become one of the most popularChilopsis linearis cultivars   because of it's beautiful and fragrant trumpet  shaped  pink-burgundy flowers. The Desert Willow  produces large  clusters of flowers towards the tips  of the branches which  persist from late spring to  early fall. This cultivar of  Desert Willow is also  popular because it does not typically  produce seed  pods. Desert Willows have airy and rounded to   spreading crowns that can be utilized as a large  shrub or  pruned into tree form. The Desert Willow  is highly tolerant  of drought and heat and performs  best in sunny, dry or well  drained sites. For  landscapes that do not have the optimal  drainage  for Desert Willows then raised beds can be built.   The leaves on a Desert Willow have a soft and fine  texture  that measure 5 to 7 inches long and 1/4 to  1/2 wide. In the  fall Desert Willows produce a  simple yellow color. The  Desert Willow is an  excellent choice for courtyards, patios  and west  Texas themed landscapes.

How to Grow Desert Willow from Seeds

 The desert willow is a small shrub-like tree that grows from 15 to 30 feet tall and wide with trumpet shaped, pinkish-purple and white flowers. The desert willow is not actually related to the willow family.

Native to the southwestern United States, this shrub is drought- and heat-tolerant, but it can withstand winter temperatures down to only 20 degrees F. Desert willow seeds are easy to germinate, requiring no special treatment other than some well-draining soil, water and sunlight.



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How to Grow Desert Willow from Seeds

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